ShellBrowser .NET Components

Native Explorer Shell Controls for .NET

Integrate Breadcrumb Navigation In Your Application

Navigating a Windows Explorer-like interface is much easier if users can simply retrace their steps with the help of an address bar.

The main part of a ShellAddressBar provides breadcrumb navigation known from Windows File Explorer. The current path is hierarchically split into "breadcrumbs" that can be browsed with a click.


The multifunctional control also provides an integrated auto-complete enabled editor for comfortably entering the path.


To make the picture complete, the ShellAddressBar includes a browsing history and a search box as optional panes.

Include a Browsing History

Use the ShellHistoryToolBar component to include a browsing history known from the Windows Explorer in your application. The control is available as optional pane in a ShellAddressBar or ExplorerBrowser control, but can also be used standalone. It tracks the folders the user has visited in the components linked with a ShellControlConnector. The control automatically allows navigating back and forth - no further implementation required. The default look and feel of this component at runtime will be dependent on the Windows versions, i.e. button images conform to the ones known from Windows Explorer.


Implement a File Search

Using the ShellSearchEdit component you can easily integrate a file system search in your application. The control uses the Windows Desktop Search to execute the search, thus supporting the Advanced Query Syntax known from the search box in Windows Explorer.


The scope of the search is defined by the active folder of the controls that share the same ShellControlConnector. The results of a search run are presented in an attached ShellListView or ExplorerBrowser.

The control can also be activated as optional pane in a ShellAddressBar or ExplorerBrowser control.

Create an Explorer-like Navigation Bar

In combination, the three components create the navigation bar known from the Windows Explorer in your application.