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V6.1 (Minor release, 30 April, 2019)

New features and improvements

ShellAddressBar: There is a new component "ShellAddressBar". It resembles the address bar known from Windows Explorer, containing a section that splits the current path into "BreadCrumbs" and allows easy navigation in the file system. Additionally it optionally contains a history and a search edit box. These panes can be turned on or off using the "VisiblePanes" property.
The new "HistoryToolBar" that is included in the "ShellAddressBar" can also be used standalone.
In addition, ExplorerBrowser now uses the ShellAddressBar instead of a ShellComboBox.

Examples: A further sample project in the style of a classic "commander" file manager with 2 columns has been added.

ShellListView: Standard .NET Drag/Drop events are now called, even if the "ShellDragDrop" property is true. However, it is not yet possible to set the "Effect" parameter via the event arguments. This is only possible using the "CopyMode" property of the control.

ShellBrowser: The "Desktop" node in the ShellTree now has a context menu too.

ShellFilePreview: Depending on the PreviewHandler, it is now possible to view files that do not have a physical path (e.g. files on an attached mobile phone). This now typically works for pdf and text files, and images.

ShellListView, FileList, and ShellTreeView: Implemented the "ItemChecked" event for the ShellListView and FileList and the "NodeChecked" event for the ShellTreeView. They indicate the checking or unchecking of an element. In contrast to the "CheckStateChanged" the event is not called when a checkstate is applied indirectly or automatically applied by ShellBrowser.

ShellListView, FileList: Date/Time columns now display values without seconds.

ShellFilePreview: When the preview is synchronized via ShellControlConnector, it is now loaded after a small delay. This avoids the unnecessary loading of files that are only selected very shortly and also loading the preview doesn't interfere with message handling, so that double-clicks are not disrupted and not recognized anymore.



PathEdit: The "Browse" button is working again.

ShellListView: Drag-and-Drop of files from an attached mobile phone to a ShellList now works as expected in 32-bit applications.

ShellListView: Breaking change: Removed the obsolete "Details" property.

ShellListView: Folders are not affected by a set filter. In the last version, they were accidentally filtered too.

ShellListView: Instead of remaining empty, the ShellList now displays the contents of a folder even if it is disabled.

ShellListView: Fixed a problem that wrong or too small columns were displayed after browsing a folder on an attached mobile phone.

ShellListView: The "New" menu item in the background context menu is now disabled in zip folders.

ShellListView: Under certain circumstances, the automatic refresh of the ShellList stopped working after an edit operation was cancelled via code. This has been fixed.

ShellListView: Fixed the issue that thumbnails might be empty for files that are copied to the directory that is currently displayed in the ShellList.

ShellListView: Now handling exceptions that might have occurred if asynchronous tasks return to an already disposed or currently disposing control.

ShellListView: Fixed a sorting problem when pasting files into a folder - instead of respecting the sort order, the files were alphabetically sorted between the subfolders in the same parent folder.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView: It is now possible to temporarily hide custom context menu entries that are assigned to the "ContextMenuStrip" property of a ShellListView or ShellTreeView, by setting the "Visible" property of the menu items to "false" in the "Opening" event handler of the ContextMenuStrip. The setting was ignored in the last version.

ShellTreeView: The "Favorites" folder in Windows 7 is filled again instead of appearing empty.

ShellTreeView: When selecting a path, the ShellTree now fully expands all relevant nodes, instead of just inserting nodes for this path only. The problem that sometimes the destination node appeared twice in the ShellTree was fixed.

ShellTreeView: If a node beneath "Quick Access" is selected, controls connected via the same ShellControlConnector instance will now display the link target of the selected node, instead of remaining in the Quick Access scope. The ShellTree keeps the selection in Quick Access if the "Expand to current folder" setting is false in Windows Explorer.

ShellTreeView: The "NoFillOnStartup" property has been fixed to work with multiple roots. If set, the roots of the ShellTree will not automatically be expanded when the program starts. If this avoids automatically expanding a slow folder, this can improve performance.

ShellTreeView: Fixed a flickering problem that was caused by the asynchronous loading of the network node when navigating to a network path while the network node was still collapsed.

ExplorerBrowser: The "ThumbnailSize" property is now only applied if view mode is "Thumbnail".

ExplorerBrowser: Execution of the "DefaultAction" (i.e. the action that takes place on double-click) can now again be intercepted in the "DefaultAction" event by setting "e.InvocationProcessed" to true.

ExplorerBrowser: Fixed bug when trying to access items in "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History".

ExplorerBrowser: Dropped support for CheckMode.Checkboxes as it is incompatible with Windows 10 Dark Mode (use CheckMode.AutoSelect instead).

ExplorerBrowser: The "SelectionChanged" event is now fired only once, when a different element is selected.

ShellSearchEdit: The text hint is now updated if the folder that defines the search scope is renamed.

ShellFilePreview: The Excel PreviewHandler is now released correctly, if the previews of two or more Excel files are unloaded "at the same time" (i.e. at program end), instead of not being able to shut down the Excel process or eventually causing an error in Excel.
Also, we tried resolving exceptions that appeared to occasionally occur when the preview component is disposed.

Many minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V6.0 (Major release, 28 June, 2018)

Windows XP is not supported anymore. This allows us to rely on some APIs that were not yet available on XP.

The "ShellBrowser.dll" has been split into a "ShellBrowser.dll" and "ShellBrowser.Core.dll". This change was necessary due to the WPF Edition of ShellBrowser. This is a breaking change. When upgrading projects you need to add a reference to "ShellBrowser.Core.dll" manually:
In the project references select "Add Reference". In the "Reference Manager" select "Browse" and select "ShellBrowser.Core.dll" from the installation directory.
The ShellBrowser.Core.dll contains all base-classes that are used by ShellBrowser components. It is also possible to use this new assembly standalone, e.g. in Console projects (see the new "CoreSample" project included).

ShellBrowser.NET is now targeting .NET Framework 4.0.

Visual Studio 2010 and higher required.

"ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition" has been shortened to "ShellBrowser.NET Components".

Also due to the WPF Edition, some major refactoring took place. We tried to be very careful and not to induce major compatibility issues. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you experience issues when updating to V6.0 despite our efforts.

The ShellSystemList is now deprecated. We have removed all usages from sample projects.
Please use the "ExplorerBrowser" control as replacement. We have also added a new sample project for ExplorerBrowser.



The new component ShellSearchEdit contains the search edit field of Windows Explorer. It supports a "ShellControlConnector" and can be connected to the ShellList or ExplorerBrowser to define the scope and present the result of the search. For ExplorerBrowser it can be activated in the "VisiblePanes" property.



The new "ControlPanelTaskDialog" can be used to show specific control subelements. Examples on how to use it can be found in the "JamExplorer" example project.

There is also a new SpecialFolder "ShellFolder.AllTasks" that can be assigned to a ShellList and displays the available tasks.



The usage of "AutomaticRefresh" in the controls that support it has been optimized to avoid re-registering the watched paths on initialization.

Bugfix: A NullReferenceException that might have occurred in "ShellNotifyRegister" is now prevented.



When using the new property "AutomaticRefresh" the control is automatically refreshed if a drive is added or removed.

The problem that the control was updated several times initially has been fixed.

The order of entries now matches the Windows version the ShellComboBox is running on.

Visual enhancements: the item height is increased. The quality of icons in the drop-down-list is better.

An "InvalidOperationException" occurring on Windows PE has been fixed.



Paths that have been added to the DriveList via the "Add" method now remain in the list when a refresh takes place, e.g. by pressing F5.

Items in the DriveList are resolved asynchronously to avoid delays for non-existing paths or non-reachable net-drives.

Change notifications from the Shell are handled more accurately. If a CD is inserted into the cdrom drive, it appears automatically in the list.

The DriveList now has a visual representation at design-time.



The columns of a ShellList in details-mode and tooltips are now filled asynchronously to avoid delays for non-reachable elements.

The "BeforeInvokeCommandOnSelected" event is obsolete. Please use "BeforeShellCommand" instead.

The "BeforeShellCommand" should now be reliably called no matter what started a context menu operation (e.g. a key or selection from the context menu). Instead of a "string", the "e.Command" parameter is now internally represented by the "ShellCommand" class. However implicit conversions prevent breaking changes. The "Caption" property of "ShellCommand" holds the localized caption of the context menu item  that was chosen.

Like in Windows Explorer, when an item is renamed, only the filename (without extension) will be highlighted.

Folders that can cause delays when being accessed (i.e. the network folder or the root of net-drives) are now filled asynchronously.

Some issues concerning display and sorting of the "QuickAccess" special folder have been fixed.

Bugfix: A custom background context menu is now displayed no matter if the "ShellContextMenu" property is true or false.

Bugfix: A NullReferenceException when navigating to the windows history folder doesn't occur anymore.

Bugfix: An application hang that might have occurred when using certain ActiveX controls (like e.g. Office Viewer) and ShellBrowser controls in the same project has been fixed.



The FileList now supports deleting files from multiple drives.



The "MouseDown" and "MouseUp" events are now available and working.

The Drag-and-Drop events "DragEnter", "DragOver" and "Drop" are now available and can be used to modify the automatic shell drag-and-drop.

Like in Windows Explorer, the different icon sizes and viewstates can now be adjusted using Ctrl and the mouse-wheel.

The sort columns and sort direction can now be controlled by code using "ExplorerBrowser.Columns.SortBy" and "ExplorerBrowser.Columns.SortDirection".

The grouping feature is now accessible by code. Use "ExplorerBrowser.GroupBy" and "ExplorerBrowser.GroupDirection" to group items.

Using the new methods "ExplorerBrowser.Columns.AutoSize()" and "ExplorerBrowser.Columns.DefaultSize()" the columns of an ExplorerBrowser instance can be adjusted automatically.

The property "ExplorerBrowser.ContentFilter.ShowHidden" now works as expected independently of the current Windows Explorer settings.

A "NavigationPending" event has been added, that allows canceling the current navigation process.

ExplorerBrowser now has a visual representation at design-time.



Some issues concerning display and sorting of the "QuickAccess" special folder have been fixed.

The "BeforeInvokeCommandOnSelected" event is obsolete; please use "BeforeShellCommand" instead.

The "BeforeShellCommand" should now be reliably called no matter what started a context menu operation (e.g. a key or selection from the context menu). Instead of a "string", the "e.Command" parameter is now internally represented by the "ShellCommand" class. However implicit conversions prevent breaking changes. The "Caption" property of "ShellCommand" holds the localized caption of the context menu item that was chosen.
The list of affected paths that is passed in the eventargs has been fixed.

Folders that can cause delays when being accessed (i.e. the network folder or the root of net-drives) are now filled asynchronously.

The handling of shell notifications has been improved.

Bugfix: The flickering of the ShellTree that occurred with Windows 10/1709 has been fixed.

Bugfix: There is no exception anymore when right clicking on the empty space between two root nodes.

Bugfix: A custom filter that might be implemented using the "AddTreeNode" event is reapplied when the ShellTree is refreshed (e.g. by pressing F5).

Bugfix: The ShellTree is now refreshed correctly if a CD in the CD-drive is added or removed.



The event "BeforeShowDialog" can be used to cancel or replace the default dialog that is displayed when the PathEdit's button is clicked.

We also fixed layout issues concerning high-dpi and font resizing.



Breaking change: The "IShellPreviewHandler.Load" method has a changed the signature:
bool Load(ShellFilePreview p_Parent, string p_Path, ItemIdList p_AbsolutePidl)
has been changed to
bool Load(ICommonPreviewHandlerHost p_Parent, string p_Path, ItemIdList p_AbsolutePidl)
You might have implemented the interface if you use custom preview handlers.  See the JamExplorer example project for an example of usage.

The state messages of the component can be customized using the three new properties "NoPreviewAvailableMessage", "PreviewNotPossibleMessage", and "SelectFileMessage".

Bugfixes: Word previews are now positioned correctly - before they might have been "displaced".  A possible NullReferenceException that might have occurred on showing a preview is now prevented.



The performance especially when resizing the control has been improved.

On Windows PE the component will show at least icons (thumbnails are not available there).


V5.4.0 (Minor release, 08 November, 2016)

ShellTreeView: Using the new "MultipleRoots" property, the ShellTreeView can now display more than one root. By default, it will display the same roots as Windows Explorer (including Quick Access on Windows 10). The roots can be modified programmatically. ShellTreeView.ClearRoots() will remove all existing root nodes, use ShellTreeView.AddRoot to add a new root node for a SpecialFolder or a file system path.

ExplorerBrowser: Using the new "CheckMode" property the type of checkbox handling can now be configured: CheckMode.Checkboxes displays checkboxes, CheckMode.AutoSelect controls the selection via the checkboxes, CheckMode.None doesn't display any checkboxes. CheckMode.AutoSelect is equivalent to the former "AutoCheckSelect" property.

ShellTreeView: Tree nodes are now loaded only when they come into view, flickering when loading the ShellTree is reduced. The performance of opening TreeNodes with many subnodes has been improved. The "ChangeDelay" is now working as expected. It allows setting a delay before the ShellTreeView will inform controls sharing the same ShellControlConnector of a folder change.

The ShellControlConnector component can now be used to connect a FileList with e.g. a ShellFilePreview or a ThumbnailImage, so that the file selected in the FileList is automatically displayed in the connected control.

FileList: Performance issues concerning the search have been resolved, sorting of the list has been improved. The performance when adding many files at once has been improved as well. The "FileListItem.FileCount", "FileListItem.FileSize", "FileList.TotalFileCount", and "FileList.TotalFileSize" are no longer working recursively. Therefore "FileListItem.FileCount" is obsolete.

FileList: The "SelectedFiles" property now contains complete file paths instead of filenames only.

ShellListView, FileList: The performance of thumbnail image retrieval from the system in the view state "Thumbnails" has been improved. The performance when sorting large lists and when restoring the selection after changing the view state has been improved.

ShellListView, FileList ViewState.LargerIcons and ViewState.ExtraLargeIcons will now show 48x48 icons on Windows XP. Menu items in the "View" submenu of the background context menu have been renamed slightly to better fit all Windows versions.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView: Using the new "ShellDragDrop" property it is now possible to turn off the automatic handling of drag-and-drop events in the ShellBrowser components. Disabling the property enables you to implement your own drag-and-drop handling.

ShellComboBox: UNC paths will now be displayed as physical paths when edited (i.e. "\\server\temp" will now switch back to "\\server\temp" instead of "temp" when editing the contents of the ShellComboBox). Generally, the ShellComboBox now displays the whole path as soon as the path is edited. Thus the "ShowFullPath" property only influences the display when the path is not being edited. When leaving the ShellComboBox without confirming a newly typed path by pressing Enter, the ShellComboBox will now re-display the path that is currently active.

PathEdit: The dialog displayed in "FolderMode" is now the file dialog known from Windows Vista and higher by default, but the simple directory box can still be reactivated. Although not part of the toolbox, the new "BrowseForFolder" dialog class can be used standalone in place of .NET's "FolderBrowserDialog".

ShellTreeView - Bugfix: A potential InvalidCastException occurring that might have occurred during drag-and-drop operations has been fixed.

FileList - Bugfix: The "SelectedFiles" property is now refreshed properly when the selection in the FileList changes.

ShellListView - Bugfix: Creating new files via the background context menu now results in one single file, even if there is more than one ShellListView in the same project.

ShellListView - Bugfix: After displaying a new shell column, the contents of custom columns weren't displayed for items that had not already been loaded. This has been fixed.

ShellListView - Bugfix: Restoring the view settings that are tracked per special folder (i.e. displayed columns, column widths, and sort order) did not work properly for some special folders. This issue has been fixed.

ShellListView - Bugfix: Setting a filter in the ShellListView cleared the contents of the "Favorites" folder. Now the entries are correctly handled as links instead of files and are displayed regardless of the set filter.

Bugfix WPF: File previews are correctly unloaded at program end. A "TypeInitializationException" that might have occurred at program end if ShellBrowser components had not been displayed yet is now prevented.

ShellComboBox - Bugfix: A possible ArgumentNullException occurring during initialization of the ShellComboBox is now prevented.

The example projects are now using .NET framework version v4.0.

The API documentation has been improved.

A lot of internal refactoring, minor improvements, and fixes have been incorporated.

V5.3.0 (Minor release, 26 October 2015)

ExplorerBrowser, ShellSystemList: It is now possible to programmatically control which columns will be displayed and to modify their properties.

ShellListView, FileList, and DriveList: The content of the "Columns" property has been replaced by a proprietary class and interface. This facilitates column handling but might potentially be a breaking change for your project.

ShellTreeView, ShellListView: Network nodes are now expanded asynchronously on Windows Vista and later versions.

General: Shell operations are executed asynchronously. This only works if your project's .NET framework version is 4.0 or higher.

Support for Visual Studio 2015 has been added.

ShellSystemList: The ShellSystemList is now propagating file selection changes; connected ThumbnailImage or ShellFilePreview will be updated correctly.

ShellFilePreview: Automatic updates of the preview on file modification or deletion can now be prevented by setting the new "AutomaticRefresh" property to false. Deleting a displayed PDF file will not raise an exception anymore (regardless of the "AutomaticRefresh" property).

ExplorerBrowser: It is now possible to control the navigation pane using keyboard navigation.

ShellListView, FileList - Bugfix: The "e.Files" parameter in the "OperationPerformed" and "BeforeShellDrop" events now holds all affected elements. Duplicate elements are no longer filtered out. For Outlook messages the filenames in "e.Files" are no longer truncated.

ShellTreeView, ShellListView - Bugfix - A possible ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurring when renaming drives is now handled.

ShellFilePreview - Bugfix: A painting problem concerning files displayed with the MS Word Preview Handler occuring under special circumstances has been fixed.

ShellFilePreview - Bugfix: A "FileLoadException" occurring with a certain version of AutoDesk 360 has been fixed.

ShellFilePreview - Bugfix: Problems that occasionally occurred when quickly switching between different PDF files displayed via the Adobe Acrobat PreviewHandler have been fixed.

A lot of internal refactoring, minor improvements, and fixes have been incorporated.

V5.2.1 (Bugfix release, 10 March 2015)

If you add AlphaFS to your project, ShellBrowser will use it instead of the System.IO namespace to support paths exceeding 260 characters. More information.

Bugfix - DriveList: Usage of custom columns is now enabled.

Bugfix - FileList: Sorting by folder path now works like in Windows Explorer.

Bugfix - FileList: Files can now be renamed.

Bugfix - Fixed a memory leak for ItemIdLists.

ShellComboBox: Special Folder names like "Desktop" or "Recycle Bin" are now supported as input.

ShellTreeView: Selecting a link to a folder will now open the destination folder.

Bugfix - ShellSystemList: Selecting "Open" for a folder in the context menu will now open the folder in the ShellSystemList.

Many minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V5.2.0 (Minor release, 8 Jan 2015)

ShellFilePreview: PreviewHandlers are now loaded and unloaded asychronously so that slow performance of a PreviewHandler and/or file doesn't block your application.

ShellFilePreview: Using the new "CustomPreviewHandler" property in the "LoadPreview" event you can now display files that don't have an installed PreviewHandler. See "CustomPreviewHandler" example in the API documentation.

ShellBrowser: With the new method "SetThumbnailProvider" it is now possible to provide thumbnails for files that are not handled by the system.

ShellBrowser: The "FixFPU" method has been added to reset the FPU control register for .NET compatibility. It can be called if you experience ArithmeticExceptions after executing shell operations e.g. by invoking a shell context menu. The "FixFPU" method is also called internally in various functions prone to result in such errors.

ShellListView, FileList, DriveList: The "Items" and "SelectedItems" properties are now typed correctly, so there is no need to cast the generic ListItem type to the specific type (i.e. ShellListItem, FileListItem, DriveListItem). "((ShellListItem)shellListView.SelectedItems[0]).FullPath" simply becomes "shellListView.SelectedItems[0].FullPath".

ShellList, FileList, DriveList: It is now possible to use the "ListViewItemSorter" property to assign a custom sorting routine. See "Sort" example in the API documentation.

ShellSystemList: Properties "ShowHidden", "ShowNethood", "ShowRecycleBin", "ShowFiles", "ShowFolders", "FileSystemOnly" and "Filter" are not visible in the property editor anymore, they are accessible via the "ContentFilter" property now.

Bugfix - ShellFilePreview: The preview of MSG files using Outlook 2010 now works from 64bit applications.

Bugfix - FileList: The sort icon of a column is now restored after a FullRefresh.

Bugfix - ShellBrowser: The "OnContextMenuItemSelected" event is now raised reliably.

Bugfix - ShellCombobox: Icons are now drawn transparently enabling the use of the "BackgroundColor" property of the component.

Many minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.


V5.1.0 (Minor release, 13 June 2014)

The new component "ExplorerBrowser" is now available. It provides a configurable Explorer pane as a managed .NET control and integrates seamlessly with other ShellBrowser components.

Supports Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop

Installation now uses the "ToolBox Controls Installer" to add components to Visual Studio's ToolBox for VS Version 2008 or higher.

ShellListView: ViewState "LargerIcons" is now supported.

ShellListView/ShellTreeView: Some actions like fetching images or updating the state of checkboxes are now processed asynchronously.

Bugfix - ShellFileList: Columns in the details view are no longer discarded when opening a file in the ShellFileList and adding more items afterwards.

Bugfix - ShellListView, ShellTreeView: The property "LabelEdit" will now be saved correctly.

Bugfix - ShellListView: "OperationPerformed" is now called for paste operations.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Drag highlighting and AutoScroll behavior has been fixed.

Bugfix - ShellListView, ShellFilePreview: When a file has changed, its details and thumbnail are now refreshed automatically.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: Trying to select a network folder without network places being part of the tree doesn't raise an error anymore.

Bugfix - ShellFilePreview: The preview of PDF files using Acrobat now works from x86 applications running on Win8/64bit.

Bugfix - ShellFilePreview: The preview of msg files using Outlook 32 bit now works from applications compiled as 64bit or AnyCPU.

Many minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V5.0.1 (Bugfix release, 20 Nov 2013)

ThumbnailImage: With the new Property "IconsAsThumbnails" a user can choose whether a file icon shall be shown if no real thumbnail is available for a file.

SystemShellList: The appearance of the control can be adjusted with the new properties "Transparent" and "TextColor".

Bugfix - ShellListView: Opening multiple files at once by pressing Enter now works correctly.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Exceptions occasionally occurring when opening a folder or showing the context menu have been fixed.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Background context menu is now shown when using the app key.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Using "ShowParentFolder" and "UseThreadPool" is again working as expected.

Bugfix - PathEdit: Opening the file dialog with an XLS file set no longer shows an initial warning.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: Improved the navigation in the control panel. All items can now be opened via double click.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: Renaming elements in the ShellTree under Windows 8 has been fixed.

Bugfix - JamFilePreview: MS Office PreviewHandlers are released correctly when the application is closed.

Bugfix: A potential memory leak due to the missing deregistration of the UserPreferenceChanged System Event in the change notification handler has been fixed.

Bugfix: Drag&Drop originating from Outlook is working now.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V5.0 (major release, 13 Aug 2013)

ShellFilePreview: A new component adding the preview pane known from the Windows Explorer. It allows users to view file contents without opening the files.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView, FileList: Drag hints are now available.

ShellListView, FileList, DriveList: Added property AutoSizeColumn. The remaining horizontal space is added to the AutoSizeColumn's width.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView: Event BeforeInvokeCommandSelected now occurs before an item is renamed; renaming operations can now be cancelled.

ShellListView, FileList: Added new event BeforeShellColumnChanged that is fired when the user changes the visiblity of a column using the header context menu. It can be used to prevent the change.

ShellListView: It's now possible to use FTP addresses in the Path property.

ShellTreeView: Supporting custom ImageLists.

FileList: Added event AddItem that is fired when a new item is added to the list. It can be used to prevent adding a specific item.

FileList: SearchOptions are now configurable in the component's property grid.

ShellSystemList: Auto is now the default viewstyle. In this viewstyle, the Explorer chooses the viewstyle that fits the content of the displayed folder.

ShellSystemList: The event OnAddItem can be used to prevent adding a specific item to the list.

ShellControlConnector and all components implementing IShellControl: The methods FullRefresh() and SmartRefresh() have been merged to a single method Refresh() with a parameter for the refresh level (RefreshLevel.Full,
RefreshLevel.Smart, RefreshLevel.Checkboxes). This allowed us to improve display and updating of checkboxes.

Bugfix - ShellListView, FileList: Resizing hidden columns is not possible anymore.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Additional information in Tile view is visible again.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Modification date for folders is always the same as in Windows Explorer.

Bugfix - ShellListView: In Tile view the click area of the check boxes was refined.

Bugfix - ShellListView: The SortColumn attribute now also works for views other than Details.

Bugfix - ShellListView: The list doesn't scroll to the left anymore after sorting twice by the same column (reverse sort).

Bugfix - ShellListView: Sorting in libraries now works for all columns, not only the name column.

Bugfix - ShellListView: The sorting column is now preserved when navigating between different special folders.

Bugfix - ShellListView: The PathChanged event is now triggered when selecting a different folder in a connected control.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Icons and thumbnails for files on attached devices (such as mobile phones) are now available.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: NoFillOnStartup now works.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: Fixed issue that all folders were displayed as having subfolders.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: Fixed exception that occurred when connecting net/USB drives if "Computer" was set as root of the tree.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: ShellList is now refreshed when changing property ShellTreeView.RootedAt.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: After renaming a node, its parent node is now resorted.

Bugfix - FileList: List is not sorted by default. Display and performance issues occuring after a search operation was completed have been resolved.

Bugfix - FileList: Property IgnoreCaseOptions in SearchOptions now works.

Bugfix - FileList: When deleting many files at once, the FileList is now refreshed correctly.

Bugfix - ShellSystemList: Context menu is now shown at the right position when using the application key.

Bugfix - ShellComboBox: ShellAutoComplete works again.

Bugfix - PathEdit: property DialogTitle is now applied to both OpenFile and OpenFolder dialog.

PathEdit, CustomEditComboBox: both contained nested enums ShellAutoComplete have been replaced by type Jam.Shell.ShellAutoComplete. (Breaking Change)

Many minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.3.1 (bugfix release, Dec 2012)

ShellListView, ShellTreeView: Back and forward mouse buttons are now supported.

ShellListView: Repaint problems have been fixed.

ShellListView: The SelectedFiles property is now updated correctly.

ShellListView: The function CreateShortcut has been reviewed and fixed.

ShellListView: Column widths are now saved when changing the folder.

ShellListView: Drag&Drop has been optimized.

ShellTreeView: A beep sound is no longer played when specific keys are pressed (e.g. Ctrl+C).

FileList: TotalFileSize and TotalFileCount are updated on demand. If folders are counted (CountFolders property is True), the values are queried in the background and may take some time to be available.

DriveList: Local drives are now always shown on top of the list.

DriveList: The list is refreshed after an USB-Stick has been ejected.

ItemIdList: Now avoids exceptions in Path getter caused by 3rd party extensions.

ShellComboBox: The dropdown width is automatically adjusted to fit the content.

ShellHistoryToolStrip: Added default icons for the back and forward buttons.

ShellListView - Breaking Change: The method ClearColumns() was replaced by the method ResetColumns(). It resets the columns to the initial state.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.3.0 (minor release, Oct 2012)

Supports Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView, FileList: Added Vista-Style Drag&Drop images.

ShellBrowser: Added Windows 7 Libraries and Known Folders to the list of SpecialFolders.

ShellListView, FileList: Reworked and optimized column handling.

ShellListView, FileList: Added property UseSlowInfoTips. If it`s set to false, much faster InfoTips are shown that e.g. don`t contain the size of a folder. The default value is false.

ShellListView, FileList, DriveList: NoFillOnStartup now works properly.

ShellListView, FileList: Added method IsEmpty() that should be used to check if the list is empty without filling it.

ShellListView, FileList: Added property ColumnOrder that returns an array with the current order of the columns.

ShellListView, FileList: Added method ClearColumns() that clears the current columns and the header context menu. Please use this instead of Columns.Clear().

ShellListView, ShellTreeView, FileList: Property ShowShellContextMenuOnTop is public now.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView: Enabled creation of folders in libraries.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView, ShellComboBox: Paths like "Computer\\MyPhone\DCIM" are accepted for mobile devices that don't have a file system path.

ShellSystemListView, FileList: Replaced properties View, Thumbnails and ExtraLargeIcons by property ViewState.

ShellBrowser. Added static function IsWindows8OrLater that returns True if the system is Windows 8 or later.

ShellBrowser: Added a copy constructor.

ShellBrowser: Added property FileExtensionsHidden that returns True if the file extensions of known files are hidden in Windows.

ShellBrowser: Added methods IsColumnAvailable(int) and IsCoumnAvailable(SHCOLUMNID) that return True if the Column is available for the selected SpecialFolder.

JamBaseShellListView: Moved more redundant events, event handlers and methods of ShellList, FileList and DriveList to the base class.

ShellListView: Zip-Files are now listed correctly between files, not between the folders.

ShellListView, ShellTreeView: Checkboxes enabled for Libraries.

ShellListView: Optimized Thumbnail images.

ShellListView: Removed flickering which occurred when resizing columns.

ShellListView: Consecutive Drag&Drop operations that change the item list now work properly.

ShellSystemListView: Added method CreateDir(string, bool) that creates a folder at the current location.

ShellSystemListView: Added key handling for Alt+Enter.

ShellSystemListView: Headers are only shown if the list is set to Details mode.

ShellSystemListView: Added Auto view mode where the content of the folder defines the view mode.

ShellSystemListView: IndexOf(string) now returns the correct index for recently added  items.

ShellSystemListView: Added method SelectItem(index) that selects the item at the given index.

FileList: Added HeaderContextMenu.

FileList: The list items remain after changing the ViewState.

FileList: AutomaticRefresh now works properly.

FileList: Key handling has been enabled again.

FileList: Renaming a file does not double the file extension anymore if the Windows setting for "Hide known file extensions" is set.

DriveList: Empty CD-ROM drives are now hidden.

ShellComboBox: Selecting network drives works again.

ThumbnailImage: Fixed problem with the alpha channel of graphics.

ThumbnailImage: Optimized display of tall and wide images.

ShellControlConnector: OnCheckStateChanged event is now triggered for connected controls too.

PathEdit: Added default values for DefaultExt, DialogTitle, FileFilter.

PathEdit: The component is CLS-compliant now.

PathEdit: Property AutoCompletionMode is public now.

WPF: WPF applications using the ShellBrowser components now terminate correctly.

Visual Studio Toolbox: Removed BackgroundContextMenu item.

Added the new example project CustomColumns demonstrating the correct handling of custom columns.

General: Added version property showing the current version of the ShellBrowser to all components.


SHCOLUMNID breaking change: Renamed ParentWorkId to ParentFolder.

ShellListView, FileList breaking change: Corrected method name of SetColumnVisibility(int, bool).

Many minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.2.1 (bugfix release, Oct 2011)

Source Version: Added missing reference to JamBaseShellListView.cs to solution "ShellBrowser.sln".

ShellListView, ShellFileList: Added event OnBeforeShellDrop that is fired before a shell drop is executed.

ShellSystemListView: If a file is in edit mode, Ctrl + C copies the selected text to clipboard instead of copying the file.

PathEdit: Enabling MultiSelect of the FileBrowserDialog is possible now. The selection can be found in the new property FileNames.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Viewstate ExtraLargeIcons can now be set in design mode.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Context menu entries for new files are fixed. (Windows 2003 x64)

Bugfix - ShellListView: Fixed a 'no disk ' error message for card readers.

Bugifx - ShellListView, ShellTreeView: Control panel is no longer shown twice on Desktop.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: ShellTreeNode.FullPath returns the correct path for Unicode folder structure now. (Windows XP)

Bugfix - ShellSystemListView: Auto arrange of items is enabled for Windows Vista or later.

Bugfix - ThumbnailImage: The correct thumbnail is shown after selecting multiple files in a linked ShellListView.

Bugfix - ShellFileList: Files can be dropped into the ShellFileList again.

Bugfix - ShellFileList, ShellDriveList: The event ColumnsCreated is fired now after the columns have been created.

Several minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.2.0 (minor release, Sep 2011)

A new base class for ShellListView, ShellFileList, ShellDriveList has been introduced: JamBaseShellListView that merges redundant properties and code.

This caused the following breaking changes:

oDriveList, FileList: The method InitializeColumns() has been renamed to InitColumns().

oFileList: The event InitColumns has been renamed to ColumnsCreated.

ShellTreeView, ShellListView, ShellFileList, ShellDriveList: Added property ShellContextMenu. If set to false, the shell context menu is not shown anymore if the user right clicks.

ShellTreeView, ShellListView: Added event OnBeforeShellDrop that is fired before an OLE drag and drop operation is executed.

ShellTreeView: The parent folder will be resorted when a new directory or file is created.

ShellTreeView: If an empty string is passed to CreateDir(), a folder with the default new folder name will be created.

ShellTreeView: Added property SpecialFolder to ShellTreeNode that returns the type of the folder.

ShellListView: Added the view mode "Tiles" to the context menu for Windows Vista and later.

SHCOLUMNID: Added some public constants that can be used to show or hide columns using ShellListView.SetColumnVisibility().

DriveList: Added properties WarnLevelPercent and ErrorLevelPercent. If the free space of a shown drive goes below these values, it`s indicated by a color that can be chosen via the properties PercentBarWarningColor and PercentBarErrorColor.

DriveList: Tooltips can now be shown for the listed drives. They can be activated using the property ShowItemToolTip.

PathEdit: Exposed the Button so the developer can access it.

PathEdit: The path can now be accessed via the property Text.

PathEdit: The context menu of PathEdit is now shown for the text box too.

PathEdit: A Tooltip for the text box can now be set via the new property ToolTip.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Avoided execption after calling GoUp().

Bugfix - ShellListView: Path property is now updated after calling GoUp().

Bugfix - ShellListView: PathChanged event is now fired before the list is going to be refreshed.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Fixed problem with AutoResizeColumn and AutoResizeColumns.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Enlarged the 'Name' column by 100 px and optimized column widths.

Bugfix - ShellListView, ShellTreeView: If a drive is renamed during runtime, the item is renamed too now.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: If ShowFiles is true, FileChange events are also processed.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: If ShowRecycleBin is false, the performance has been significantly increased.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: If FileSystemOnly is true, the ShellTreeView now shows 'My Computer', 'Libraries' and 'nethood' too.

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: Fixed the property UseSystemStyle.

Bugfix - FileList, DriveList: The shell context menu can now be enabled and disabled using the new property ShellContextMenu.

Bugfix - FileList: AllowDropToBackground works now.

Bugfix - DriveList: Avoided exception after right-clicks.

Bugfix - ShellSystemList: Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v and the delete key work again.

Bugfix - ShellSystemList: Items in "My Computer" are displayed correctly when a value is applied to the Filter property.

Bugfix - ShellSystemList: If a folder can`t be accessed, its parent is selected.

Bugfix - ShellComboBox: If a valid path is entered manually, it will be selected after hitting Enter key.

Several minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.1.1 (bugfix release, Jan 2011)

ShellListView: Introduced new property ViewState. Combines properties View, ShowExtraLargeIcons and Thumbnails that are marked as obsolete now.

ShellFileList: Key events like delete, copy or cut will be handled now.

ShellFileList: If property CheckIfExists is true, items that do not exist anymore are removed during a FullRefresh().

ShellFileList: Added property ReadOnly. If true, operations that change the file system like delete or rename will not be executed.

ShellComboBox: Size is now set proportionally to the user-defined DPI value.

Bugfix - ShellFileList: Commands on selected files from different locations are executed correctly.

Bugfix - ShellDriveList: The default command is executed after double click.

Bugfix - ShellSystemList: The OnAddItem event is now triggered after the new item was added. Previously it was vice versa.

Bugfix - PathCollection: Avoided exception in static method GetFolderSize(path).

Bugfix - ShellTreeView: Avoided exceptions when setting SpecialFolder.

Several minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.1.0 (minor release, Nov 2010)

VisualStudio 2010 is now supported by the installer.

Added a context menu to the header of the ShellListView to enable and disable the visible columns.

ShellListView: Added public method SetColumnVisibility() to show/hide a specific column. Note: Hiding column 0 ('name') is not allowed.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Column widths will be restored after calling FullRefresh() or a folder change.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Column texts are now filled for items located in Windows 7 Libraries.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Double click on ZIP archive won't open a ZIP folder anymore if FileSystemOnly is True.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Files in ZIP archives may now be opened.

Bugfix - ShellListView: Files located in folders with unicode characters can now be opened.

ShellComboBox: Text is now selected after click.

Bugfix - TreeView: Avoided NullReferenceException that could occur after a "Cut" operation.

Bugfix - SelectionList: The parent folder is only selected if all subitems are selected.

Bugfix - SelectionList: Checkstates of ShellList and ShellTree are synchronous, now.

Bugfix - JamFileList: Fixed possible incorrect values for TotalFileCount/-Size if folders were shown, too. Added method RefreshFileCountAndSize() that refreshes these values in a background thread. SizeOrCountRefreshed event is triggered afterwards.

Bugfix - ShellSystemListView: Shortcuts to folders enabled.

Bugfix - ShellSystemListView: On Windows 7 systems, the control panel is opened in a new Explorer window.

Bugfix: A confirmation dialog, e.g. when deleting files, is always shown on top of the application after switching between apps, now.

Installer: Optimized detection of a running VisualStudio.

Several minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.0.7 (bugfix release, Jun 2010)

Reduced flickering in ShellTreeView.

ShellSystemList now handles multiple selected items.

Added Rename ContextMenu entry in ShellSystemList.

Overrode Enabled property in ThumbnailImage. Now, the image is cleared when the control gets disabled. If enabled, the image of the currently selected item is shown.

Added ClearImage method to ThumbnailImage.

Added possibility to change IconSize to LargeIcons in ShellTreeView.

Added FileCreate and FileChanged to ShellTreeView's ChangeNotificationHandler when ShowFiles is activated.

Fixed a bug that led to a blank ShellTreeView or caused the RootedAt to be set to desktop.

The parent folder is selected in ShellListView after ShellListView.GoUp().

Checkboxes are visible for all visible nodes.

Several minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.0.6 (bugfix release, Mar 2010)

Context menu entry "Send to" now works for Windows 7.

Fixed bug in ShellTreeView that caused wrong sorting.

Fixed bug in ShellList that prevented refresh on connected views after drag&drop.

Fixed bug in ShellTreeView that lead to effectless setting of the AutomaticRefresh-attribute.

Avoided possible exception in  ShellTreeView.

Avoided possible ArgumentNullException when checkboxes were activated.

ColumnTexts in ShellListView are now updated after changing a file`s extension.

Several minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.0.5 (bugfix release, Feb 2010)

A problem in the BackgroundContextMenu has been fixed that could lead to a NullReferenceException. This occurred when the appropriate RegistryKey for the "New"-entries was not available. Now, we let Windows generate this key. If it this fails for some reason, only "New Shortcut" and "New Folder" are shown.

A bug has been fixed that could occur when renaming. After trying to rename a file using an existing file name, the wrong file name could be displayed in the JamShellListView.

Some Drag&Drop issues have been fixed that could occur when dragging with the right mouse button.

The "OnOperation" event now supplies the names of files dropped from MS Outlook.

Several minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.0.4 (bugfix release, Nov 2009)

The ShellListView now provides 'create new' operations in the background context menu.

Added new JamSearch-Example in VB.NET.

Added new method CreateShortcutShowDialog to the ShellApi class.

Added a new property ShellControlConnector.ConsiderRootedAt. If it is enabled and a ShellTreeView is connected that has its RootedAt property set, folder change events will only be sent to the connected controls if they happen below the ShellTreeViews' root folder.

Fixed a problem in the ShellTreeView, if the AfterLabelEdit occurs, corrected the information of the filename that was edited.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.0.3 (bugfix release, Sep 2009)

Added new methods IsLocalPath and IsAbsolutePath to the PathCollection class.

The default background context menu now also provides the arrange icons menu.

Fixed display functionality of jumbo icons in the ShellListView under Windows Vista and later.

Added missing shell command constant 'RunAs'.

Fixed a problem in the ShellSystemList when renaming a file.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.0.2 (bugfix release, Aug 2009)

Added a default background context menu to the ShellListView which among a few other things supports the paste from clipboard function.

New function ShellBrowser.MatchPattern to check if a filename passed as a string matches a particular pattern such as '*.txt'.

Trying to rename an item to a file containing a disallowed special character (e.g. "/\*?") is now handled correctly.

ShellList.CreateDir(): If no folder name is passed, the function tries to find a new unique folder name by itself if the folder with the default new folder name already exists.

Improved the PathEdit control, now routing the KeyDown/KeyUp/Enter/Leave events of the embedded TextBox to the new EditField* events.

Fixed a momentary application freeze that could occur if the user browsed a network share with the ShellTreeView.

Implemented missing double click event in the DriveList control that opens the file with the default shell operation.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.0.1 (bugfix release, May 2009)

Displaying the shell info tooltips in the ShellListView is now implemented for all kind of items,
a property ShowInfoToolTips was added to enable or disable the special tooltips.

Creating a directory works for paths longer than 260 characters under Vista and later.

If a path is renamed when checkboxes are enabled, the entry in the selection list is updated accordingly.

Fixed a bug in the new ShellDriveList control, for removable devices the System Dialog "Insert Disk" was accidentally displayed.

Fixed a bug in the ShellListView that caused a noticable slowdown of the control.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V4.0 (major release, Apr 2009)

A new Control "ShellDriveList" has been added.

The ShellListView now shows hint texts for several shell objects that Windows provides.

To improve performance, a ShellBrowser instance does not point to ShellFolder.Drives upon initialization anymore.
It has to be initialized e.g. using the Directory or the SpecialFolder property.

Fixed a bug in the ShellChangeNotifier control that accidentally lead to notification events.

In Vista, checkboxes were not clickable if the View property was set to SmallIcons.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.6.2 (bugfix release, Feb 2009)

Fixed a bug in the SystemImageList that led to an exception on Windows 2000.

V3.6.1 (bugfix release, Jan 2009)

Fixed a bug in the ShellSystemList that led to an exception if checkboxes were enabled.

V3.6 (minor release, Dec 2008)

New property "Thumbnails" in the FileList control, similar to the one in ShellListView.

New property "ShowExtraLargeIcons" in FileList and ShellListView.

New property "ThumbnailBorderColor" in FileList and ShellListView.

Remarkably improved the transparency of the Thumbnail Images on Vista Systems.

Change of interface IShellItem, method Rename(string) now returns a boolean value.

Bugfix: Drag&Drop did not work correctly on 64bit systems.

Bugfix: The missing alpha channel of the icons is now fully supported on XP and later.

Bugfix: (Vista) The ShellSystemList did display chinese characters in the default action of the contextmenu.

Bugfix: When checkboxes were enabled the SelectionList was not updated if a contained file was renamed or deleted.

Bugfix: The FileList did not support the Tile View correctly.

Bugfix: The ShellSystemList now remembers its view mode if a folder change occurs.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.5.1 (bugfix release, October 2008)

The "UseThreadPool" property of the ShellListView has been set to false per default again, there are unsolved issues if enabled on Windows Vista/Server 2008

Bugfix: An invalid flag in the ShellBrowser.dll assembly prevented the library to run in 64bit native mode.

Bugfix: For the ShellListView, renaming a file on a network share via right-click or F2 key did not update the SelectedFiles property

Bugfix: If the ShellListViewItem.Rename method was used to rename an item, accessing its FullPath property afterwards returned the original filename by mistake.

The HideSelection property of ShellListView and FileList now has its default value set to false.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.5 (minor release, Aug 2008)

New Control 'ShellSystemListView' that allows to use the native explorer control within a .net application

New UseThreadPool option in the ListView improves performance on multicore systems

Added a 'Getting started' example

Added an example showing how to integrate the ShellBrowser controls into a WPF application.

Enhanced the Visual Studio Debugger Display Viewer

Improved the ShellTreeView, the CanAdd flag in the ShellTreeNodeEvent args now works as expected

The scrolling experience has been improved when using the mouse wheel to scroll a dropped down ShellComboBox. (It doesn't seem to be refreshed)

If the Alt+Cursor Left/Right key was used to move in the folder history the icons in the ShellHistoryToolStrip where not updated in previous versions

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.2.5 (bugfix release, May 2008)

The SortColumn property of the SystemListView is now virtual.

The PathEdit control now supports shell-autocompletion.

Despite of the ShellListView, the ContextMenuStrip property for classes deriving from SystemListView was not handled correctly.

Fixed an error in the ListView that only occured if CheckBoxes where enabled and an item was checked in a directory that contained more than 300 files.

Improved the PathCollection.IsUNCPath() method to support \\?\UNC\ paths as well.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.2.4 (bugfix release, Mar 2008)

Added an event 'CheckStateChanged' to the ShellTreeView like the one in the ShellListView control.

Installation into the Toolbox of Visual Studio 2008 is now automatically done by the installer.

Added a new static function 'GetUNCPathFromMappedDrive' to the PathCollection class. This allows resolving mapped drives, e.g. 't:\' to an UNC path like '\\server\temp'.

Fixed an issue in Windows Vista, some files could not be opened when the user performed a double-click.

The 'FullRowSelect' wasn't handled correctly on systems older than Vista if 'UseSystemStyles' was enabled.

If the 'ShowParentFolder' property was set to true and the user right clicked onto the '..' entry, an exception was thrown.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.2.3 (bugfix release)

If the property FileSystemOnly is set in either the ShellListView or the ShellTreeView, Zip-Files are now handled as normal Files and not as browsable folders.

The performance of the FileList has been greatly improved when multiple files are added, e.g. during a Search operation.

The bundled examples have been improved.

Fixed a bug when the SearchOptions.Filter property was used with patterns like 'b*.png'.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.2.2 (bugfix release)

A new property FilterIgnoreCase has been introduced to the SearchOptions class. It's default value is true.

Searching for files using a wildcard filter now compares case insensitive per default.

The Path property of the PathEdit control is now bindable to ApplicationSettings.

When sorting a column of a ListView the visibility of the selected items is ensured.

A minor display inconsistency in the ListView classes has been fixed.

The SelectedFiles property of the ShellListView is now available via autocompletion of the IDE.

The FileListView now supports sorting by any column, including userdefined ones.

It is now also possible to drag and drop items onto the Desktop in a ShellTreeView.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.2.1 (bugfix release)

The method PathCollection.GetFileEnumerator accidentially returned an instance of IEnumerator<string> instead of IEnumerable<string>. The 'foreach' construct could not be used with it.

We added the ability to access the number of ShellItems in the history which is maintained in the ShellControlConnector. To access, use the new property HistoryCount and the method GetHistoryEnumerable().

A bug was fixed that made the IDE crash when the user dragged another component from the Toolbox over the ShellListView or ShellTreeView.

V3.2 (minor release, Mar 2008)

The ShellTreeView, ShellListView and FileList now provide a new event BeforeShellCommand which allows filtering out programmatically defined events or call additional methods.

A DebuggerVisualizerView is now provided for the most common used classes of the components. It is installed at your option when the setup is performed.

The checkbox functionality of the ShellListView and ShellTreeView has been greatly improved and is more stable now.

The method PathCollection.GetEnumerator has been renamed to PathCollection.GetFileEnumerator. This has implications on all foreach loops iterating on instances thereof. If only the wildcard pathnames, e.g. c:\windows\* are needed, access the Collection through a normal foreach construct; if all files of a particular PathCollection are to be accessed use the GetFileEnumerator instead.

The PathEdit control has two additional events ButtonClick and EditFieldClick.

The FileListView allows sorting the first column now like the windows search tool does.

Made a helper function for ListViews public (ListViewEx.SetColumnBitmap)

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.1.1 (bugfix release, Jan 2008)

The ShellChangeNotifier objects created by the ShellListView and ShellTreeView instances were not disposed under certain circumstances.

Improved error handling in PathCollection.IsDrive in case a path contains invalid characters.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.1 (minor release)

Activated the property DropDownStyle which supports ComboBoxStyle.DropDown and ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList. The former provides the ComboBox with an editable textfield, the latter disables the autocompletion mode of the shell, the component is then used as a simple drop down list of the shell namespace.

Introduced the BeforeInvokeCommandOnSelected event. By registering to it, the user is able to handle the default action on selected items himself. The event is available for ShellListView, ShellTreeView and the FileList

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.0.2 (bugfix release)

If the user browses to a network path where he wasn't authenticated yet, a logon dialog is shown now.

The ShellBrowser control now provides a static method 'GetLinkTarget' that is able to resolve a windows .lnk shortcut to its destination.

A new property BackgroundContextMenu has been introduced for the ListView controls. This menu is shown if the user clicked the right mouse button and no item was selected.

ShellBrowser is now able to merge the shell context menu with the context menu assigned to the ContextMenuStrip property of the ShellBrowser controls. See the ContextMenuStrip property in ShellListView and ShellTreeView for further details.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.0.1 (bugfix release)

The property UseSystemStyle has been added to ShellTreeView,ShellListView, the FileList and the ShellCombo component. If enabled, the components will adapt to the system they are operating on, i.e. set their behaviour as close as possible to the style of windows explorer.

Some minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

V3.0 (major release)

The new FileList component has been integrated into this release. It not only allows to manage files in a listview, but also provides the user with a powerful search engine. Its filter mechanism can be easily extended using the SearchFileMatches event.

A detailed example has been included which explains the usage of the filelist and its search capabilities.

The components now support the new Windows Vista visual styles for the ListView and TreeView controls. These can be optionally turned off.

Some minor improvements have been incorporated.

V2.1 (minor release)

The library is tested and supports 64bit systems with the Dot.Net 64bit Framework.

Some minor improvements have been incorporated.

V2.0 (major release)

The ShellBrowser controls now support drag&drop with the Windows Explorer and similar Win32 applications.

A new component ShellComboBox was added that looks and behaves like the combo box in the Windows Explorer. With this component it is now possible to create a fully featured Windows Explorer clone within minutes. This is shown in the JamExplorer demo project.

With the ShellControlConnector.SelectionList it is now possible to also enumerate all selected items.

The example application now also demonstrates how to use the new features of the ShellControlConnector in order to navigate via history buttons in just a few lines

Some minor improvements have been incorporated.


Initial Release