ShellBrowser .NET Components


What is New in ShellBrowser .NET?

Version 6.4


  • Breaking compatibility changes: ShellBrowser.NET now can be used in projects targeting .NET Framework 4.8, .NET Core 3.1, .NET 6.0, and .NET 7.0.
  • ShellListView: Using the new "ThumbnailMode" property, you can now control whether icons or thumbnails are displayed in the list. The default value "ThumnbailMode.Auto" works like in Windows Explorer: view types containing only a small icon present the file type icon; larger icon views will automatically switch to display thumbnails. Using the value "ThumbnailMode.PreferIcons" or "ThumbnailMode.PreferThumbnails" sets the respective preference.
  • ShellTreeView: A "Filter" property is now provided, that can be used to filter file types that are displayed if the ShellTreeView is configured to show files.
  • ShellTreeView: The "ShowLines" property can now be configured via the property grid. Note, that it will only take effect, if the "UseSystemStyles" property is not set.
  • ShellTreeView: Like Windows Explorer, the ShellTree now adds all available OneDrive nodes (OneDrive for Business, OneDrive Personal) as root nodes.
  • ShellTreeView: The Quick Access or Home node now filters zip files unless the ShellTree is configured to show files.
  • FileList, ShellListView, ShellTreeView: The effect of the ongoing drop operation is now passed in the event arguments of the "BeforeShellDrop" event.
  • ShellFilePreview: Shortcuts are now resolved, and the shortcut target is previewed, instead of not presenting anything.
  • ShellAddressBar: Environment variables are now being resolved when inserted into the ShellAddressBar or ExplorerBrowser. So, paths like %APPDATA% will navigate to the correct folder, instead of showing a "Path not found" error.
  • ThumbnailImage: Added support for the runtime creation without the need to call "EndInit".


  • ShellFilePreview: A “FileLoadException” that could have occurred when previewing Outlook MSG files is now prevented.
  • ShellFilePreview: Microsoft Edge now previews PDF files correctly in 32-bit applications instead of throwing a “BadImageFormatException”.
  • ExplorerBrowser: An issue, where ExplorerBrowser re-appeared partially dark after the execution of a standard file dialog in dark mode, has been fixed.
  • ExplorerBrowser: A problem where the wrong view style was displayed after displaying checkboxes has been fixed.
  • ShellListView, ShellTreeView: A problem concerning duplicated entries of elements beneath Desktop that appeared in Windows 11 22H2 has been fixed.

6 February 2023