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Applications using ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition

logois a synchronisation tool for power users. Its core function is to display two folders side-by-side with matching filenames aligned. Users can easily compare their contents, and copy or move selected files between them. Backup, comparison and duplicate removal are each simply performed under total user control.

The ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition from JAM Software provided the specialised explorer-like functionality I needed to map and traverse folder structures, saving me enormous effort and allowing me to focus on the logic specific to my application. Their support was excellent too!

Guy Burkill


ShellBrowser Components .NET Edition is easy to implement and has completely satisfied our expectations. Really great product support.

Die Verwendung von ShellBrowser .NET Components ist sehr einfach zu implementieren und hat unsere Erwartungen komplett erfüllt. Der Support ist ausserordentlich gut.

Markus Dörig, Siemens Building Technologies, Switzerland

I have intensively searched the market, and your product is the best I found, after many and various tests that I have performed. I am currently in the process of developing an application which will definitely use your "ShellBrowser .NET Components" product. I sincerely think the .NET version performs exactly all the Windows Explorer behavior, it is great programmed and implemented to the specifications.

Daniel Cristea