ShellBrowser Delphi Components

Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for Delphi

Miscellaneous Delphi Components


The TJamPathLabel component displays paths in a label, intelligently shortening the path depending on available space.


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With the TJamPathEdit component you enable users of your application to either enter a path directly or browse for it. The user can open a browse dialog by clicking on the button right next to the combo box.

Use the Path property to set an initial path or to get the path the user has chosen. Use the FolderMode property to define whether the user shall enter/browse the path to file or folder level.


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Use the TJamShellChangeNotifier to receive information about changes in the file system (such as copy, move, or delete operations) and any other changes relevant for shell operations. The Directories property defines which part of the shell namespace will be watched for changes.

TJamShellChangeNotifier supports the following Windows Shell Notification events in its EventFilter property:


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The TJamSystemImageList component provides access to the system image list of Windows, enabling you to display shell-related information in a Delphi TListView, TreeView, or similar controls supporting ImageLists.

Simply place the component on your form and assign it to the Images property of the TListView or TTreeView. Use the Size property to switch between small and large icons. GetIndexFromExtension and GetIndexFromFileName will return the icon number for a given extension or filename. Use the Draw and GetBitmap methods of Delphi`s TCustomImageList component to draw an icon on a TCanvas or to retrieve it as bitmap.

The TJamSystemImageList is used in the disk space management software TreeSize to include the Windows system images.


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