ShellBrowser Delphi Components


What is New in ShellBrowser Delphi Components?


ShellBrowser Delphi components support RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney.

Version 11.2

New Features and Improvements

  • Support for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney has been added. This includes support of the “Per Control Styles” VCL feature new in 10.4. Check this Blog-Post for usage.
  • A new control TJamDetailsPane was added. It combines displaying file metadata with a thumbnail or preview of the file. It is similar to the Details Pane that can be enabled in the Windows Explorer on the right.
  • TJamPathLabel: The control TJamPathLabel now has a property ExecuteOnDblClick. If set to True (the default value), the displayed path is executed / opened when the user double clicks it.
  • TJamFileList: The performance of sorting items by element type has been improved.
  • TJamFilterCombo: Using the new "FilterString" property, the filters that are displayed in the drop down can be set as '|' separated string, e.g. 'Text|.txt|Images|.jpg;.png|Everything|.*'
  • Setup: If a non-default installation path was used, the installer now remembers the installation path and suggests it again when installing an update.
  • TJamPathLabel: It is now possible to connect the PathLabel to other components using a TJamShellLink.
  • Additionally, the PathLabel supports virtual elements without file system path.
  • TJamShellList: No backslash is appended to the end of the path in the "Path" property.
  • Note, that this might be a Breaking Change, if your code relied on it.


  • TJamFilePreview, TJamThumbnailImage: A GDI handle leak that occurred when displaying thumbnails has been fixed.
  • TJamShellHistoryPane, TJamShellTree: The browsing history now works correctly when the currently active folder gets renamed in the ShellTreeView.
  • TJamFilterCombo: Programmatically selecting a filter by setting the "ItemIndex" property now refreshes other components linked via a TJamShellLink.
  • TJamShellTree: The Quick Access node was not expandable anymore when setting the “FileSystemOnly” property to true at runtime. This has been fixed.
  • TJamFileList: No exception is raised anymore when trying to drag non-existing elements. This situation has to be handled by the target of the drag and drop operation.
  • TJamFilePreview: Files on cloud storage that are not available offline, are not previewed anymore, because this triggers the file being downloaded. Files already available offline are previewed normally.
  • TJamShellTree: Renaming a folder in the ShellTree could occasionally cause an error. This issue has been fixed.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated.

16 June 2020