ShellBrowser Delphi Components

Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for Delphi

Emulate a Windows Explorer in Your Application

The TJamExplorerBrowser Delphi control emulates an entire Windows Explorer. The Delphi component features the different panes known from Windows Applications: a folder tree, a shell list showing the current folder, a BreadCrumbBar facilitating easy navigation, and even a file preview component. If required, single panes can be hidden.


Under Window Vista and higher, the component internally wraps the "ExplorerBrowser" COM object.

Integrate your very own close approximation of the Windows Explorer - no additional work with COM objects and the Shell API required. Simply configure the component just like you would any other Delphi VCL control. TJamExplorerBrowser will integrate with other ShellBrowser Delphi components.

Use the TJamExplorerBrowser component to create File Save Dialogs or File Open Dialogs and extend them with your own controls.

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