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ShellBrowser WPF Components

You are developing in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and want to directly include Windows shell functionalities? With ShellBrowser WPF Components you can access, edit, and add features known from the Windows Explorer to your WPF app.

ShellBrowser Components: Flexible, Customizable, Deceptively Real

  • contain the most important visual components to quickly build custom dialogs or integrate explorer-like functionality in your application.
  • imitate the corresponding parts of the Windows Explorer, providing you a familiar interface, speeding up development and making your job much easier.
  • include correct icons with overlays, the Explorer context menu, thumbnails, details and virtual folders.
  • are written in C# but can be used with other .NET languages
  • are provided with introductory sample projects and a detailed help file
  • and last but not least involve no fees and have no external dependencies!

ExplorerBrowser Functionality

Emulate a Windows Explorer (or only the parts you require) with the ExplorerBrowser WPF component.

Selection of Included Components


The ExplorerBrowser is a wrapped system component including a configurable Windows File Explorer window. You can either emulate the entire Windows Explorer or only select features you actually need.

File Preview

The ShellFilePreview enables users of your app to see the content of files without opening them. The ShellThumbnail component displays thumbnails of the selected file instead.

ShellComboBox and ShellAddressBar

The ShellComboBox and ShellAddressBar provide easy access to folders and drives and automatically suggest and complete file paths while typing.


The non-visual control ShellChangeNotifier informs you about relevant shell operations. You can easy access the Windows dialog to select folders via the BrowseForFolder control.

Would you like to see all available components? Discover them in our components overview now!

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