We Discontinued Sale of ShellBrowser WPF Components

We at JAM Software are discontinuing the distribution of ShellBrowser WPF Components effective immediately.

Over the many past years, we have developed ShellBrowser WPF Components with a lot of heart and passion for our customers. Now, with an eye on the market, we would like to take a different path in the future and withdraw from the segment of developer components for WPF.

Thank you for your support and trust in ShellBrowser WPF Components!

Support for Acquired Licenses

Purchased licenses can still be used without restrictions according to our terms and conditions. If you as a customer still have a valid maintenance, you will receive technical support from us until the end of your support period. In our online help you will find all useful information about ShellBrowser WPF Components.

Do you need further help? Then simply use our contact form.