ShellBrowser WPF Components


What is New in ShellBrowser WPF Components?

Version 1.3.1

  • Setup: To avoid conflicts between the demo and the full version, the demo version now has an odd build number, one smaller than the build number of the full version.
  • ShellAddressBar, ShellListView, ShellTreeView, ShellComboBox: Per monitor scaling issues, especially concerning .NET Core have been fixed.
  • ShellListView: The size of icons in the background context menu have been fixed.
  • ShellListView: The RenderMode of the ShellListView's BackgroundContextMenu and HeaderContextMenu can now be configured via property "ContextMenuRenderMode". Note, that the style of an item's shell context menu can be configured via the ShellContextMenu.SystemStyle property.
  • ShellListView: New folders or files that are created by the user via the context menu, are now added to the ShellListView temporarily, even if they do not match the current filter settings (i.e. creating a folder in a list that has "ShowFolders" set to false), so that the user can rename the new element. It will disappear if the new name does not meet the filter criteria.
  • ShellListView: The loading of thumbnails on an attached mobile phone has been fixed.
  • ShellListView, ShellTreeView: It is now possible to remove file extensions when renaming file in the ShellListView or ShellTreeView. Previous versions have automatically re-added the former extension.
  • ShellTreeView: The Quick Access root node is not added automatically, if Quick Access is hidden in Windows Explorer via the respective registry setting (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\HubMode).
  • ShellTreeView: When showing files in the ShellTree, the Desktop node contained two nodes for control panel. This has been corrected to show one node only.
  • ShellTreeView: Changing the "ItemHeight" property via the property grid in Visual Studio Designer is not applied automatically when starting the project, because it is controlled by properties such as Font and UseSystemFont, and the OS that runs the application. Unfortunately, fixing this had some side effects, so the property now does not appear in the Property Grid anymore. If you want to change the value, you can do so in e.g. the code-behind of the XAML form.
  • ExplorerBrowser: Filtering options have been corrected: ZIP files were handled like folders, and consequently hidden, if "ContentFilter.ShowFolders" was set to false. Now it depends on the "ContentFilter.FileSystemOnly" setting: if it is true, ZIP files are handled like files.

16 March 2022