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The ShellBrowser component set provides a Delphi programmer easy access to the Windows Shell functionality. Use the ShellBrowser Delphi Components and emulate the Windows Explorer.


Enhance Your Delphi Application with Explorer Controls

The Delphi components imitate functions known from the Windows Explorer. This includes context menus, left and right pane of Explorer windows, thumbnails, virtual folders and shell extensions.

Use the ShellBrowser Delphi Components to generate the real look-and-feel of the Windows Explorer. Checkboxes and file filters are fully supported and can be customized in their appearance and behavior.

The TJamShellList, TJamShellTree, TJamShellBreadCrumbBar and TJamShellCombo components look and behave exactly like the corresponding parts of the Explorer.

All components support the properties page, correct icons, OLE drag-and-drop, the Explorer context menu and merge with your Delphi popup menus.

The system component TJamExplorerBrowser is a configurable Windows File Explorer instance, optionally including its navigation tree, address bar and preview pane.

File preview functionality is also available using the TJamShellFilePreview component that integrates the preview pane introduced with Windows Vista and enables users to see the content of files without opening them.

The non-visible TShellBrowser component provides an easy interface to the Windows Shell API, the TJamShellChangeNotifier informs you about numerous shell events, like attached drives or changes in folders.

Interesting sample projects and a help file with a lot of sample code are included. Free Delphi download of these components is available.

Please note: You need to download Delphi before you can start working with the ShellBrowser Delphi Components.

The ShellBrowser Delphi Components are royalty free and involves no runtime fees.

Did you know? ShellBrowser Components are also available as ShellBrowser .NET Components.

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