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I have the trial version installed and want to buy the full version. How can I keep the data that I already have entered?

All settings and data you entered in the trial version will be available in the full version.

I installed .Net Framework 4.0 but ShellBrowsers target Framework is .Net 2.0. Can I use it anyway?

ShellBrowser does not include any code that is specific for one of the .Net versions. So you can use it without changing anything.

What is the difference between the evaluation copy and the full version? Will there be additional features?

The evaluation copy allows you to test the software before you buy it. The evaluation time is limited to 30 days. Further usage of the software after this period is not permitted and violates the law.
In order to allow our customers to fully test our software products, our evaluation versions usually do not contain significant limitations. But the software may remember you from time to time to purchase it after your testing is finished.

Do we have to pay additional royalty fees for EXE files that we distribute and that use the ShellBrowser .Net Edition ?

No. The ShellBrowser components are royalty free. That means after you purchased them, you may distribute compiled projects without additional costs or fees.

Clicking checkboxes in a ShellFileList is very slow.Is there any explaination for this behaviour ?

For folders containing many files and subfolders the process of collecting file information (e.g. overall size) can take a while. If you 'd like to suppress the scan you can set the CalculateSelectedFiles property in the SelectionList to False.
Sample code can be found in the JamExplorer example.

Can I use ShellBrowserComponents .Net Edition with Visual Studio Express or the Community Edition?

Yes. The components can be used with Express and Community Editions of Visual Studio. Have a look at if you encounter a problem.

How can I retrieve the target of a link when I use the ShellBrowser component?

Just call the static method string ShellBrowser.GetLinkTarget(string shortcut) and it will resolve the link. If it is not a link file (ie. a normal file or folder) it will return the empty string "", and null on error.