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Frage / Problem

Can anyone point me in the right direction for tree size pro reporting? I am specifically looking for a report to show me all file extensions for each user under several specific UNC paths.

Antwort / Lösung

This is not possible with TreeSize Professional as it is not able to filter both by file extensions and by user name. TreeSize groups information on folder level only, this is because of memory consumption.

We also offer another disk space manager called SpaceObServer which is designed for large servers and continuous reporting. It regularly collects the file system information using a background agent and stores it in a SQL database, including size development. It uses less RAM than TreeSize Pro and the reporting capabilities are faster and more flexible because it is built on a database and collects data on file level. SpaceObServer offers advanced scripting capabilities through OLE Automation. If you are interested, please visit:

SpaceObserver can perform yiur task easily with the integrated filter options.